Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chookies - Coming Through!

This is one of the first productions I ever worked on (c. 1996) in the animation industry - a commercial for a new Brach's candy called Chookies. I was an "inker" then (in quotes because it was actually pencil finishes) and it also features some of my first effects animation - a chocolate waterfall. So much of my reel from those early days has been lost forever (my old cat peed on a lot of the VHS's) but I found this one the other day and decided to preserve it forever.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Christmas Gifts - 2006

Around Thanksgiving weekend last year, I was so broke, I realized I wouldn't be able to buy gifts for the Holidays. Luckily, I'm an artist. So I spent about four weekends making these gifts. It turned out to be more fun, cheaper for me (still had to come up with $ for supplies), and much, much more greatly appreciated by all the receivers than the usual trinkets. I've been meaning to do this every year, but this was the first time I completed the task in time, mainly do to the fact that I was motivated by poverty. I now plan to do this every year!