Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Evil part 2

This is a big one. It took so long to get this next post that I decided to post all the designs from the League of Evil spots. Below, Klekthos, who was pretty much figured out during the pitch phase. The ad agency came to us with rough sketches, and Klekthos was one of the few that was close to being designs from the start.
Same with this character below, Midnight Queen. Just a few design samples to get her finalized.

The henchman I pretty much tried to make them look like Moltar, but the agency was too worried about infringing on the Toth designs, so it got changed slightly.

Magmor had a few rounds but the biggest trouble was locking down the color and the cracks in the skin. He's supposed to look hotter on the inside.

Below, the Roach, another character that was pretty much designed by the agency with their rough sketches. I just tied it down and put it in the correct proportions.

Now, Neurosis to quite a few rounds of designs to get correct. My favorite is design C on page 3. Nice clean lines. Definitely closer to the original Toth inspiration, but the last few characters really deviated from the Toth/Superfriends world, IMO.

Sharak was a cool character. Again, my favorite design was from the pitch. I didn't think it needed to get any more complicated than that. But the writers really had something in mind so we eventually moved away from these vertical shark designs towards a horizontal shark.

Next, David 4000. It changed quite a bit.

And finally, Zzzat. It went from very stylized electricity to something more simple, which I was happy with since it's closer to what they would've done on Superfriends.

OK. That's all for now. Next post will be all the designs created for the one Scooby-Doo parody.