Sunday, August 27, 2006

She's Randy

Being an animator and owning an animation studio in 2001, I found that it was my daily activity to come up with a few cartoon concepts to pitch to different networks in the hopes of getting some animation work, but also for networking, and in general for practice. She's Randy is one of those concepts. As circumstances permitted, I embarked on a journey down the road of animation production of the self-financed variety, which basically means "done for nothing". I was pretty good at accomplishing this and managed to drag quite a few talented artists as well as friends of the non-artist type into my schemes, haphazardly cobbling together a team of sorts for accomplishing the task. The only unfortunate snag was the same as many young animation enthusiasts, which happens to be the fact that any good idea in animation tends to multiply and the multiplications when calculated tend to multiply yet another time until those calculations decide to stop lest they continue in the same tradition. So, this good idea of mine turned into what amounted to be no shorter than a five minute cartoon. Needless to say, the whole thing was never completed and barely made it two fifths of the way. However, even such a miserable attempt is not without some notable accomplishments and having the fortune of being able to look upon that time from a vantage of several years past, I can take pride in certain aspects of the production. Having said all this, I'm happy to show you this uncompleted, amatuerish work, from some half-forgotten, homemade studio.
Secondly, it is also my good fortune to finally be able to thank all those people who were involved, who put in time on the project for no other reason than being good friends of mine and altogether nice people. Thank you. I hope that you and also many others, can enjoy this little animated short film from the days of my early career.


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